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Our Story

The Constantin Dardi concept was founded at the beginning of this millennium, when its creator set his goal to designing a unique clock that will amaze and enchant anyone who sees it. To differentiate from the rest of the market, he did not use metal or plastic for the functional gears, as most clockmakers do, he went Green and 96% of the clock, including all the gears are from a hybrid wood material, that made his goal much more difficult.

After years of development, even through hard times, he finally made it, the Andromeda Astronomical Clock!

Aside from the usual functions as a glow in the dark 12-hour dial and day of the week and date displays, we have a 24 hour AM/PM indicator, a month display, a season indicator, the current zodiac sign display and also the marvelous moon phase indicator, making this clock unique and astounding!

The work and development never ceased, as new functionalities, mechanical improvements and ease of use tweaks are still developed to this day, new patents filed for the new engineering embedded, all to strive towards perfection.  We developed a Grand version, a minimalist Quadrant version and a few that are not yet considered completed by their creator. As he is a perfectionist artist, the quality standards are high and only after he says “It’s done! “ we can release it to the world.

We take great pride in our work, and aside for the whisper quiet high torque quartz mechanism that we carefully selected to power the second/minute/hour hands, all the other gears are functional and designed from scratch here, in Bucharest, Romania. We did not sell the brand when offered, because this masterpiece is born here and always will be one of the crown jewels of the manufactured products from Romania. We offer them with love to anyone that wants to have a small piece of Romania into his home, something that will be an eye candy for you and any visitor that sees it and can be a great conversations starter.

Time waits for no one, so be your own timekeeper and get an astronomical clock that matches your personality, unique and simply beautiful!